Jessica Fullmer

January 30, 2008: Jessica Fullmer

The Components of Building a Sustainable Business

Michael McNeil

January 17, 2008: Michael MacNeill

Ethics and Spirituality in Business

Fred Burks

October 18, 2007: Fred Burks

Walking the Line of Personal and Planetary Transformation

Cecily Cahill

September 17, 2007: Cecily Cahill

Awakening the Dreamer and Walking in Beauty

Carol Hansen Grey

August 15, 2007: Carol Hansen Grey

Evolution in Consciousness and
New Paradigm

Allen Roland

August 1, 2007: Allan L. Roland

Living with the Eyes & Heart of the Inner Child

Philip Burley

July 9 , 2007: Philip Burley

Pilgrim of the Spirit

Patricia Sun

June 27 , 2007: Patricia Sun

Wisdom of a Scientific Mystic


May 2 , 2007: Sen. John Vasconcellos

The Politics of Trust

Sharon McErlane

February 12 , 2007: Sharon McErlane

The Grandmother's Speak

Dale Allen

December 28, 2006: Dale Allen

A Celebration of Women, the Sacred Feminine and the Right Brain: In our Right Minds

Donna Voll

December 14, 2006: Donna Voll

Tapping into your Intuitive and Spiritual Gifts

Barry & Janae Weinhold

November 30, 2006: Drs. Barry & Janae Weinhold

Transitions in Relationships and
the Transition in 2012

November 16, 2006: Ron & Danyelle Beaudry-Jones

Increase World Consciousness by Transforming Your Relationships

Swami Beyondananda

November 2, 2006: Swami Beyondananda

Tickling the Body Politic

Virginia Essene

October 19 , 2006: Virginia Essene

The Wisdom of the Feminine Sage

Eliyahu McLean

October 5 , 2006: Eliyahu McLean

Looking through the Messiah's Glasses

Donna Zajonc

Aug. 24, 2006: Donna Zajonc

The Politics of Hope

Louise Diamond

Aug. 10, 2006: Louise Diamond

The Great Peace Giveaway

Hazel Henderson

July 27, 2006: Dr. Hazel Henderson

A New Economy: Changing
the Way Economics Changes Our Planet

Hunter Lovins

July 5, 2006: L. Hunter Lovins

The Green Race: How Corporations are Changing their Color

Sharon Reigie Maynard

June 22, 2006: Sharon Riegie Maynard

The Power of the Feminine and the
Emerging Paradigm

William Guillory

June 6, 2006: Dr. William Guillory

How Spirituality is Changing Our World